WastoDrain Roof greening panel


The greening of roof surfaces and thus the creation of new biological habitats is gaining ever greater importance and is often the only possibility of counteracting the disadvantages of progressive sealing of soil surfaces. The technical properties of the Ritter roof rainwater storage panel create the best preconditions for long-lasting functional greening. The outstanding features are the water storage facility, of around 27 litres/m², and the high degree of diffusion capability.


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    Reinhold Exner
    Bereichsleiter Landscaping

    Format approx. 57 x 38 cm – Höhe 8 cm
    Weight per panel approx. 1.1 kg; weight per m2: approx 5 kg
    Water collection approx. 50 mm, regulated by enforced drainage: 277 drainage holes per m2
    Water storage volume per m2, approx. 27 l/m3(depending on the filler material)
    Load capacity approx. 204 kN/ m2 (LGA MK 4300703) according to DIN 53454
    Adjoining panels mutually stabilise height levels.
    Hydraulic value q = 2.8 l (s x m2, satisfying the requirement under DIN 4095 > 0.03 l (s x m2)
    Material HD-PE (polythene), environmentally neutral, capable of being recycled, resistant to bitumen
    Packaging unit 62 m2 per palette
    Static requirements extensive greening approx. 80-100 kg per m2 intensive greening from approx. 100 kg per m2 For heavier bulk volumes, the additional loads can be calculated on the basis of the figures from the substrate manufacturers and plant producers

    What functions does it perform?

    The roof rainwater storage panel fulfils two fundamental functions:

    • The large storage capacity facilitates even and delayed drainage of rainwater, thus improving the microclimate for the long term.
    • The high degree of diffusion capability on the underside of the panel means that water run-off is maintained permanently over the entire surface.

    What applications does it suit in particular?

    • For intensive or extensive greening
    • For flat roofs of all sizes such as underground car park roofs, industrial roofs, roofs on residential housing, prefabricated garages, car-ports, etc.
    • For pitched roofs with inclinations of up to 25°
    • For partially greened roof surfaces (greening strips, planting islands, etc.)
    • Inverted (protected membrane) roofs

    The advantages of the Ritter roof rainwater storage panel:

    • Environmentally neutral, long-life HD-PE material (polythene)
    • Easy-laying format; approx. 57 x 38 cm
    • Delayed water run-off following heavy rain
    • Around 27 litres water retention per m² (depending on the filler materials)
    • Enforced drainage via 277 drainage holes per m²
    • Can be driven over with installation equipment for top filling (e.g. Bobcat or similar)
    • High load capacity: approx. 204 kN/ m²
    • Low logistics expenditure for transportation: approx 62 m² on a single palette
    • Capable of being recycled at all times
    • High degree of diffusion capability on the underside