SysDrain Percolation system

the multifunctional shaft system for efficient local collection of rainwater


  • SysDrain is easy to transport
  • Installation does not require heavy machinery
  • SysDrain is modular in design and use
  • SysDrain relieves the burden on the public drainage system
  • Simple to integrate by means of standard connections


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    Reinhold Exner
    Bereichsleiter Landscaping

    For drainage of roof surfaces and peripheral areas

    SysDrain is suitable for weekend residences, garages, carports, conservatories, log cabins or those areas far out on the periphery such as children’s playgrounds, car parks, courtyard entrances, basement exits or sports grounds. It also relieves the burden on the public drainage system.

    For storing small amounts of precipitation

    SysDrain is not just used for drainage. You can also use this modular system as a cistern, extracting water with an electric or manual beam pump, as necessary.

    As inspection shafts

    SysDrain is also suitable as an inspection shaft for garden ponds and is ideal as a sump well on construction sites.