ProGrassFlex Ditch stabilization

ProGrassFlex for reinforcing drainage channels along roads and railway tracks


  • ProGrassFlex provides flexible reinforcement for inclines
  • Erosion protection that is easy to install
  • Near-natural implementation
  • ProGrassFlex is economical to install
  • Suitable for various bed sizes
  • ProGrassFlex comes pre-assembled
  • Up to 90% of the surface area can be covered in vegetation in harmony with nature


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    Reinhold Exner
    Bereichsleiter Landscaping

    From ProGrass to ProGrassFlex

    The high-quality ProGrass honeycomb lawn protection forms the basis of ProGrassFlex. This ensures that the surface remains unsealed and that vegetation is able to grow lush over a large area. Optimal nutrient exchange is ensured by the structure and apertures between the cells of the honeycomb. During manufacturing, 3 panels are combined into a single standard element with the Flex-Clip. ProGrassFlex is delivered pre-packaged, depending on the profile and bed width required. Its low weight make the elements extremely economical to install.


    The pre-installed Flex-Clip hinge allows for movement between +90° to –90°. This provides enormous flexibility when it comes to installation of the product in a trench, trough or drain. It means that even terraced landscape structures can be flexibly and effectively protected against erosion.


    Detail of an installation example with an extreme incline of approximately 30°. The infill material has a grain size of approx. 16/45. The detail diagram shows how well the elements adapt to the trench profile.


    The ProGrassFlex elements can be extended if needed by using any number of ProGrass panels. This means, for example, that the transition from a trench to an adjoining incline is easy to create.

    Basic product:
    ProGrass honeycomb lawn protection

    Element format:
    see dimensions alongside and below

    HD-PE regranulate, unmixed, environmentally neutral

    anthracite, green. Other colours on request.

    Stable honeycomb structure with approx. 90% lawn/vegetation.

    Flex connection:
    The individual panels are interconnected with two clip hinges per panel.

    Lengthwise connection:
    The elements are connected lengthwise using U-clips.

    Installation angle:
    variable, from +90° to -90°

    ProGrass+Flex elements are delivered in a format ready for installation.

    70 elements per pallet for approx. 35 m trench profile.

    According to the guidelines for fire brigade access routes 1,000 kN/m2
    (LGA Bavaria No. 79202396 and
    MK 3503513/2)