GravelGrid Gravel stabiliser

The special surfacing grid


For fire service access roads, service yards, embankments and to provide grip on inclines.

  • Prevents tyre marks
  • Stops gravel from spreading
  • Fast installation
  • Long-term water permeability


The special connection system and built-in overlap allow the ections to interlock and prevent displacement caused by temperature changes. The sections can only be laid in an interlocking arrangement, thus maximising the stability of the surface. The sections can be supplied with or without moulded ground spikes depending on the purpose for which they are used. An installation bed of approx. 3-4 cm is required if using ground spikes. The recesses on the underside allow an almost unimpeded flow of rainfall over the entire surface.

Technical data

Size Approx. 1180 x 600 x 30 mm height
Section size Approx. 1139 x 570 mm
No. required
per m2
0.65 m² per section = 1.54 sections per m²
Weight per panel Approx. 2,6 kg*
Weight per m² Approx. 4,0 kg*
Material HDPE recycling material
Colours Standard colour black, optional colours white, grey, beige on request**
Options With (GS) or without (FF) moulded ground spikes
Fill volume/m² Approx. 28 l
Fill weight/m² Approx. 38 kg
Load capacity Min. 1,500 kN per m² surface load
LGA no. 5401006/1k; DIN 14090-approved for fire service access roads; March 2003, Section 4.3.9.
Min. 800 kN per m²


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