System for professional riding yard and paddock anchorage


Riding yards, paddocks, lunge circles etc. generally require major investments of money and labour that are worth protecting for the long-term. EquiTerr is not simply a plastic panel, but offers a mature installation concept which has proven its qualities over many years.
EquiTerr® is a permanently elastic floor panel and was specially developed to create a stable and non-skidding surface for riding and exercise areas of all types.
An area created using EquiTerr® is permanently capable of fulfilling its function, even during periods of sustained moist weather conditions. Even during winter, it is largely capable of taking riding. In addition to stabilising the substructure, EquiTerr® fulfils a further important precondition for optimal soil conditions: the EquiTerr® panel separates the substructure from the layer taking the impact of the hooves, thus preventing the mixing of the different materials. Surfaces anchored using EquiTerr® exhibit the best conditions for necessary but modest expenditure on maintenance.
Championship quality external areas with optimal riding potential are able to satisfy even highly exacting requirements and are a guarantee of success for your events, whatever the weather. There is universal demand for the horses to be kept in a style befitting the species. Daily riding out and/or free roaming in the paddock maintains the health of your horses. A surface which is mud-free and non-skidding is the precondition for all-weather paddocks.

Format approx. 50 x 39 x 4,5 cm
Weight per panel approx. 1,100 g
Coverage approx. 5 panels = 1 m2
Weight per m2 approx. 5.5 kg
Material pure-grade PE-recycled material (polythene), permanently elastic
Colour black


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    • If required, we are pleased to offer a full installation service for your exercise area or to provide comprehensive advice to those undertaking self-installation.
    • For further information, please consult our detailed installation brochure.


    • Permanently elastic
    • Permanently water-permeable
    • Safeguards your investment
    • Environmentally neutral
    • Resistant to weathering
    • High stability and load capability of the honeycomb structure
    • Maintains a functioning layer taking the impact of the hooves, permanently preventing the mixing of that layer and the substructure
    • Can be laid easily and quickly
    • Construction costs can be reduced by installing the surface oneself
    • Reduces expenditure on maintenance