The new special element for fixing road verges and driving lanes



Road verges that are driven over present a safety risk and require considerable maintenance expenditure.


RoadEdgePave is an anchorage panel specially developed for this problem area.

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Reinhold Exner
Division Manager Landscaping


RoadEdgePave is a special panel manufactured from pure-grade recycled material, for anchoring road verges and driving lanes. The lattice structure reduces transverse forces as quickly as possible as they occur. The paving employs a new type of connection system that guarantees rapid and cost-favourable laying. Through the integrated locking system, any two panels which are laid adjoining one another are mutually self-stabilising in all directions (to the side, vertically, and along the run). Similarly integrated tongue locking elements prevent displacement due to temperature fluctuations and assist with laying the paving in curve sections. Nine soil contact crosses formed on the underside give the panel a firm hold on the ground underneath.

Laying instructions


  • Improves safety in the areas on the edge of roads
  • Unique connection system
  • Can be laid quickly and cost-favourably
  • Can also be laid in bend sections (radius greater than 0.5 m)
  • High load capacity, approx. 266 t/m² LGA 0130046/A

Fields of application

  • On roundabouts
  • Exit ways on farms
  • Bifurcations
  • Temporarily used access and service roads
  • Driveways for private housing