Nature-friendly soil anchorage - seals, greens, can be driven over.


  • Optimal stability through the honeycomb structure. Load capacity approx. 100 tonnes per m² (LGA Bayern 79202396 and MK 3503513)
  • Anti-skid structure
  • Connecting holes between cells encourage interlinked root formation, nutrient exchange and even water percolation
  • The special connection system and the open side walls at the outside edges prevent displacement of the panels. The panels mutually stabilise the height of adjoining elements.
  • Recycled HD-PE material, UV-stabilised
  • Firm anchoring to the soil using soil spikes
  • The honeycomb structure protects the lawn carrier layer from compaction
  • Cross-rooting holes between the cells provide improved growing conditions

Special applications:

Separation layer for beach volleyball areas
Separation layer for sand-boxes

Possible applications

  • For areas in use where nature-friendly greening is required and desired with corresponding capability to handle loads and to maintain a high capacity for percolation
  • Parking areas with low frequency use, e.g. in private areas, residential areas
  • Parking areas used temporarily
  • Fire brigade access routes in accordance with DIN 14090/DIN 1072
  • Service roads
  • Parking areas for cars, caravans, boat trailers, sports aircraft, etc.
  • Access routes to children’s play areas (replacing sand)
  • Helicopter landing pads
  • Golf-cart routes (elastic version)
  • Cemetery facilities
  • Stabilising embankments and banks of lakes and rivers
  • Percolation strips along take-off and landing runways
  • Underground car park roofs, as greened fire brigade access route
  • Further applications on request!


  • Cost-favourable transportation due to low palette weight
  • Easy cutting, saving time and costs, using standard tools (saws, grinder, compass saw, ribbon saw or skiving device)
  • No use of machines when laying due to the light weight of the panels
  • Simple filling on account of narrow interval webbing
  • Immediately able to take loads once laid
  • Immediate greening using rolled turf possible
  • Simple marking of areas in use with marker plugs

Ecological aspects

  • Lawn component approx. 90%
  • Prevents sealing of the soil, since a large proportion of the surface remains capable of percolation.
  • Protects the substrate against compaction.
  • The material is environmentally neutral
  • Once the surface has been greened, it is practically invisible
  • Manufactured from recycled material
  • The honeycomb panels can be recycled again
  • Cut-aways in the cells facilitate root formation between cells, thus optimising nutrient exchange and surface drainage.