MultiFlixx Grass pavers XXL

the highly durable, plantable ground panel for fast outdoor ground stabilisation


  • MultiFlixx can accept high loads up to 280 t/m2
  • The XXL format makes it easy to lay
  • MultiFlixx is cost-effective and easy to install
  • Stable in terms of temperature and shape
  • MultiFlixx is plantable and permanently water permeable
  • protects the substrate from compaction
  • MultiFlixx stabilises substrate and lawn
  • For urban, agricultural and other areas


High standards of quality

Well stabilised ground surfaces, irrespective of the weather conditions, don’t come about by chance: they require both competent advice and high quality components. Our MultiFlixx ground reinforcement panels provide a solid foundation for a wide variety of outdoor applications. Their large format and low weight make them easy to lay without heavy equipment and with few personnel.

Panel format L, W, H, | 1156 x 589 x 40 mm
Weight per panel circa 2.6 kg
Pallet content 100 panels for circa 68 m2
Colour green, anthracite, special colours on request


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    Reinhold Exner
    Division Manager Landscaping

    For temporary ground stabilisation

    Areas not designated for a specific purpose have to be prepared for various needs in the course of a year, such as for events or festivals. MutliFlixx guarantees sure footing, clean open spaces and protection for subsoils – in any weather.

    For temporary overtaking lanes and minimising pressure caused by traffic

    Besides fast laying, MultiFlixx offers large support surfaces for optimum distribution of pressure and protection of sensitive subsoils from damage. MultiFlixx is ready for use at any time and, as the equipment is light, it is easy to transport.

    Ideal for giving support to embankments, slopes and inclines

    The MultiFlixx panels interlock during laying to form a stable, connected surface that will not slide apart. Large, round pockets effectively retain bulk material or substrate on inclines, embankments or slopes.

    For reinforcement of parking spaces and fire brigade access roads

    MultiFlixx reinforces highly-trafficked, green driveways and parking spaces and ensures safe access for emergency vehicles.